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Home schooling program:

As soon as pre-primary schooling days are over, a big responsibility for parents begins in the form of searching for a good school.  There are a multitude of primary and secondary schools that are coming up each year. Although such schools are willing to take children with special needs, it still is a long way off before it becomes a reality for all children. Children sometimes do not fit into special schools but parents have no option.

The home schooling program or the Bridging program is a program unique to us where we work on making the children study and learn academic concepts that are grade-specific and age specific. Children can then opt to write the exams as a private candidate with the respective board or take open schooling as an option. Along with academic concepts, other delays and lags that are preventing child from joining mainstream school will be worked on.

Specific Module based programs(provided in a group or on on-on-one basis): 

Art and movement based sessions: Intergration of art based therapies with treatment has shown a positive impact in working with children. Art forms such as dance, group drumming, craft activities, use of colours for drawing and painting makes them to be more in tune with their work and effectively improves group, social and emotional well being.

Cognitive reasoning: many a time, when child starts reading and writing; the child’s thinking and reasoning skills are compromised thus making it difficult for them to proceed further in learning and applying academic concepts. For children facing such problems, we exclusively work on enhancing their cognitive skills that serve as the foundation to ALL learning.

Comprehension: verbal comprehension, social comprehension, picture comprehension and reading comprehension are skills that children with special needs lag. We focus on improving the comprehension skills of children for whom this proves to be a hindrance in their schooling.

Social intensive sessions: these sessions are primarily targeted towards making the child apply all learnt skills socially including appropriate speech and language; exposure to social situations are done in the natural setting and child’s behaviour is worked on.

Special education: for parents looking exclusively for academic performance, we have special education sessions whose core areas include reading, writing and math skills.

Speech intensive sessions: our unique method of speech stimulation involves generalisation of speech skills across all walks of life, thus making sure language is not seen as an activity and is not limited to the table-top.

Global Development program:  

Global development sessions are aimed at working on all areas of development and generalisation of goals across all streams. The main purpose is to make the child have a streamlined growth in all areas of development hence we use a multitude of techniques to get the child to sail to the further stages seamlessly. This program is extensive and is all inclusive of all the module based programs.

Theme based programs:

These sessions usually happen in a group. Based on child’s interest, we stimulate child’s development through various themes such as going for picnics, field trips, cooking, shopping, mall visits, restaurant visits, visiting community settings etc. These are popular with the children and thus, a great way in stimulating their development.