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"******a has a very unique way of working with children - her ability to connect to every child is beautiful and her confidence to quickly pick their individual core motivations and push them to the next level. Somewhere it seems like children see her as an older friend who is genuinely trying to help them and connect easily. Her ability to articulate her observations to parents is also a much valuable contribution, a sort of empowerment that is much needed and sought from anyone in this very respectable field..."

I am very much satisfied with the therapy. It not only focuses on speech but on behavioural aspects also whatever homework you assign, those are effective if done regularly. I find them useful.

You follow many strategies which is helping ****u for reasoning.

Now he is doing better in instruction following, sitting and doing any activity.

I look forward to continue with you for ****u’s better development.

Balance N Sync has a very good environment which helps the child to develop both academically and socially. After sending my son *****h to Balance N Sync, am happy to say that there is a lot of improvement and changes.

My heartfelt thanks to ******a and ******a for their support.

Life throws challenges in everyone's journey and so was the case with us after my child's diagnosis....with lots of hopes we relocated to bangalore...we kept traveling through this dark tunnel and saw a ray of hope when we met this tall and bold lady who had so much of confidence in what she said and did....when she works with the child she understands every single move of theirs and works on the overall development of the child with full dedication... 
Not only with the child she is an excellent guide to the parents and understands the feelings of what parents go through the hardships...she builds up my confidence every time I go down... 

“We have been associated with *******a and her team in Balance ’N’ Sync for the last 5 years. In all these years, we have observed with great satisfaction, the positive strides our daughter has made towards being self sufficient and independent. The team in Balance ’N’ Sync understands the unique needs in every child and caters to those requirements with innovative & new ways of care and support. The support is customised to the needs of the child and followed-up with a structured plan that is monitored and reviewed regularly with the parents. The team also does an excellent job of guiding the parents on what to do at home to complement the efforts in the center. 
I would like to particularly call out ******a’s efforts for my daughter – she has been a real boon and seems to have a way with my daughter. She enjoys following the instructions from ******a and looks forward to her sessions. ******a stands out from a host of others in the field for her absolute unflinching devotion to her chosen line of work and for going above and beyond everytime. ******a and the Balance ’N’ Sync team continues to be the finest child care specialists we have worked with till date and their work ethic, desire to always do the best, and the innate ability to think out-of-the-box allow me, without reserve, to give them the highest recommendation.”